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This folder resides in Victor Schoenbach's "virtual library" on public health with a focus on social justice (see http://go.unc.edu/sjae).

Transcendental Meditation ("TM") is a specific meditation practice that requires neither effort, faith, nor belief, only regular practice following instruction by a certified teacher. Instruction is provided throughout the world in a four-day, standardized course offered by teachers trained and certified by the Maharishi Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Several good TM websites are: TM.org, TMhome.com, TM for women, The Center for Leadership Performance, David Lynch Foundation (providing TM to disadvantaged populations)

In North Carolina, the Transcendental Meditation program is available from certified teachers in:

* Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh are served by the TM center for Central and Eastern NC, which currently offers most of its programming in the RTP area at the Triangle TM Center, Bldg 400 Suite B, 1910 Sedwick, Durham (website)

There are TM centers in most cities in the U.S. (website) (información en español) and the world.

The David Lynch Foundation and other organizations collaborate with the Maharishi Foundation to make TM available to disadvantaged populations, including schools serving low income communities, veterans suffering from PTSD, women victims of violence, and homeless persons. For example, hundreds of schools throughout the world  participate in the "Quiet Time" program, in which the regular practice of TM brings educational, behavioral, and environmental benefits to students and teachers (see image). Hundreds of published studies report benefits of TM, but more research is definitely desirable.

Image of TM Quiet Time ad in NCPHA program


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