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Copied 11/5/2016 from Surgeon General Vivek Murthy's Facebook posts on the Transcendental Meditation Quiet Time program in San Francisco schools (link)

U.S. Surgeon General added 4 new photos — at Phillip & Sala Burton High School.

I want you to imagine a school assembly. Nine hundred students from two high schools and one middle school. It's a boisterous crowd. Lots of shuffling in seats, side talk and shushing by teachers. A bell rings. Eyes close. Meditation begins. The feel of the room changes. The "Quiet Time" program has revolutionized schools in San Francisco. Grades are up, detentions/suspensions down, happiness on the rise, violence on the decline. These student and faculty practitioners are teaching us about more than stress management. They are teaching us how to love ourselves and one another. That's a lesson we need now more than ever. I'm so honored to celebrate them and their #EmotionalWellBeing

Photo of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy meditating with 900 students in San Francisco schools

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy meditates with a student San Francisco students meditating Statement by Burton High School principal Bill Kappenhagen

U.S. Surgeon General shared their photocelebrating Quiet Time at Phillip & Sala Burton High School.
November 3 at 12:58pm · San Francisco, CA ·

A year ago, I met amazing students from Visitacion Valley Middle School and Burton High School in San Francisco. They taught me about the power of meditation to focus the mind, alleviate stress and improve empathy and compassion. Today, I'm back in town to celebrate the success of the "Quiet Time" program and to thank these young people for inspiring my staff to start our own meditation initiative at the office. #EmotionalWellBeing #TBT

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy meditates with students at Visitacion Valley Middle School

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