Sakai Maintenance

We want you to have the best possible experience using Sakai for research, committees, teaching, and learning. To achieve this goal, we will occasionally need to take the system offline to fine-tune settings and add new enhancements. In preparation for such improvements and health checks, please note our planned maintenance window is:

 Thursday mornings from 5 AM - 7 AM (ET)

During this maintenance window, you may experience intermittent access issues. If we must take Sakai completely offline, we will announce in advance on the Sakai homepage with the icon above.

As a general rule, planned maintenance activities requiring more than two hours of downtime will be announced in advance and scheduled with the University Registrar's Academic Calendar opens in new window in mind. We will make every effort to minimize the impact and inconvenience that planned maintenances may cause.  Please note that these maintenance windows are subject to change if critical issues arise.


Sakai Maintenance Status & Archive

To view expected changes in an upcoming Sakai maintenance and past plans, see our Sakai Maintenance opens in new window page.


ITS Service Status

To check the current status and maintenance schedule for all ITS services, please go to: opens in new window