Through the Years
 The roaring twenties brought the growing population in Chapel Hill a type of entertainment that merged together audio with visuals. These novel movies became known as "talkies," and gained popularity quickly among the town folks. To the luck of the town, a theatre opened up in 1927, proudly wearing the name of The Carolina Theatre. Following the lavishness of the decade, the theater was home to a movie experience few had previously encountered. 1927: The Carolina Theatre
 In 1952, the theatre was renamed to the Varsity, a name it's held for over 70 years now. Until 2009, the theatre screened strictly art films; it was a place for eclectic art folks to admire the art Chapel Hill had to offer. However, with the 2009 recession, the art film industry took a big hit, causing the Varsity to suffer as well. 1952: The Varsity Theatre
When he first took control of the building, Paul turned it into a “subrun” movie theatre. This entailed that the Varsity could only play movies once the surrounding theatres had released them. There was a catch though. The movie companies stopped making 35 mm films, meaning the Varsity would need digital projectors if it wanted to continue screening films. Through a town fund-raiser called "Go Digital or Go Dark" they raised $50,000 in about a week and a half to purchase the new projectors. 2014: Go Digital or Go Dark
Valentina Arismendi