Start Your Move to Canvas Now

Sakai may be used for teaching through Spring 2024, which means two semesters remain that Sakai is available for use. We strongly urge all instructors who have not yet made the switch to start looking into teaching in Canvas now. If you log into Canvas opens in new window, you will already find your Fall 2023 course sites available. If you wish to continue teaching in Sakai, you must still create your Fall 2023 course sites in Sakai. See full details on our blog opens in new window.

Sakai content from all Registrar courses taught in 2022 and Spring 2023 has been migrated to Canvas. Look for your "SAKAI_Archive" sites on your Canvas Dashboard opens in new window or view All Courses opens in new window. Learn more about working with your migrated content in Canvas opens in new window.

Need help with Canvas? See our Moving from Sakai to Canvas opens in new window page for resources and training videos.


Canvas Transition Timeline

  • Spring 2024: Last semester Sakai is available for use.
  • Start of Summer 2024: Sakai goes into read-only mode. All courses and projects must be in Canvas.
  • Start of Summer 2026: Sakai decommissioned and no longer available.

See the full timeline. opens in new window


Course Migrations Available

  • Course content has been migrated from Sakai to Canvas for all 2022 courses and Spring 2023.
  • Content will be migrated after terms end for Summer 2023, Fall 2023, and Spring 2024.
  • See details on course migrations. opens in new window