Department of Epidemiology/ School of Public Health / UNC history

This document is an evolving set of notes and narrative about the history of the department.

I have various materials accumulated from over 40 years at UNC. These materials are essentially unorganized and unassembled. I have given some materials to the Southern Oral History Program and/or University Archives.

Notes on possible categories for materials:

Notes for writing:


Founders - Rosenau, McGavran, Sidney Kark, John Cassel

Department leadership since John Cassel: Michel Ibrahim, Barbara Hulka, Carl Shy, David Savitz, Dana Loomis, Andy Olshan

Faculty - early, wave 2,

Major research projects:  Evans County, LRC, ARIC, Oak Ridge, PIN, AdHealth?, AIDSCSG, STEP, LI Breast Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, GHC/NCM?, MCCRP?, RAPP??, RHP (AND MORE)

Methodology development and teaching: KKM, Charlie Poole, Rachel Royce, Stephen Cole (and more!).

Graduate Studies directors - Sherman James?, Gerardo Heiss, Stephen Cole, Steve Meshnick

Student services:  Joyce Allen (her predecessor?), Nancy Colvin, Carmen Woody

Business managers:  Violet Krall, Gail King, Vicki Moore

IT enablers:  Jim Fletcher, Terry Hudgins, Spencer Gee, Bob Goetz (and more!)

Research staff:  Sue Wolf, Marilyn

Locations:  the Trailers, the Bank building,

Major partners/collaborations:  Sheps Center, LCCC, Division of Infectious Diseases, NUTR/MHCH,HB

Celebrations and recreation - the skits, music fests


Korstad, Robert Rodgers Dreaming Of A Time; The School of Public Health, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1939-1989, UNC School of Public Health, 1990,
(Location on Vic's drive: K:\VicsStableFiles\HistoryOfUNCandSPHandRelated  - See Vic's notes/excerpts