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The Way We Get By: Gina Yashere Has Been Doing Yoga and Transcendental Meditation, Gina Yashere,, April 27, 2020

Seven Reasons to Learn Transcendental Meditation: Meditator Testimonials, Phylameana lila Desy, ThoughtCo, March 20, 2017

Short videos:

How TM makes me feel in one word, (1 min)

Tasha Daniels describes how TM helps her deal with stress, (1 min)

Marine veteran (MSgt Regina Stradford, USMC Ret.) on Transcendental Meditation and her religion, (1 min)

Patrick Ludeke, a U.S. Army veteran who learned TM through the David Lynch Foundation's partnership with Samaritan Daytop Village in New York City (1 min)

David Letterman & Oprah Talk Transcendental Meditation, (90 sec)

Junon Maceus: "This must be what heaven feels like.", (2 min)

Jason Aviles, (2 min)

School teachers support Quiet Time, (2 min)

31-year-old artist Aaron Axelrod on calming his ADHD with TM, (2 min)

David Lynch Foundation's Women's Initiative for survivors of rape and severe violence (link) (3 min)

The Transcendental Meditation Center (TMC) at THEARC in Washington DC (4 min) [20-minute panel discussion]

Ben Harper interview from Change Begins Within benefit event for the DLF, (4 min)

Martin Scorsese and Ray Dalio, (4 min)

Cameron Diaz, (5 min)

NBC: TM in a Detroit Middle School, (5 min)

Victory Before War: Transcendental Meditation (medley of short clips from news coverage), (5 min)

People Try Transcendental Meditation for 60 days (link) (6 min)

Transcendental Meditation: How It Can Benefit Your Life (7.5 min - brief testimonials recorded in Britain?)

Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann on Transcendental Meditation (7.54 min)

Young People talk about Transcendental Meditation (TM) (Britain, 8 min)

A variety of people describe their experience of Transcendental Meditation, and a doctor reviews the benefits (UK, 8 min)

Students at Detroit Art School, (8 min)

National Education Summit: The Quiet Time Program,  (10 min)

Transcendental Meditation on ABC's Catalyst, Sydney Australia ( - 11 minutes

Children of the Night ( – 13 minutes

David Ware, (14 min)

TM 2015 - 6th Annual Gala Benefit highlights, (5 min) [full version (24 min)]

Common Good Vermont: Consciousness & Social Policy. Lauren-Glenn Davitian interviews Edwards Smith, M.D. about the impact of Transcendental Meditation on individual and social health. February 23, 2017 (summary and 26 min video)

George Ellis, A Symphony of Silence part IV Justice and leadership ( – 30 minutes

Two dozen more short videos

TM Blog - numerous recent short articles and videos

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