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This website was created by Victor Schoenbach as a "virtual library" for a course on Social Justice and Equality - In Search of John Cassel's Epidemiology, taught by Bill Jenkins and Victor Schoenbach during the spring semesters of 2014-2017. Vic is continuing to develop the website for public use. It includes a large section on the history of various components of the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, including especially the Minority Student Caucus, the Minority Health Conference, the Minority Health Project, and the Department of Epidemiology.

UNC Media Resources Center (for UNC Onyen holders, includes Films On Demand, enabling streaming of films and videos from numerous content providers) - http://library.unc.edu/house/mrc/

UNC proxy server - whether full text of an article is available freely over the Internet varies by the journal, the year, and even by article within an issue. If UNC subscribes to the journal, then the full text can be obtained through the UNC campus network. Anyone with a UNC Onyen or NC AHEC privileges can access such articles by connecting through the UNC Libraries proxy server. For many of the links in the Library of Resources, the URL includes the proxy server so that persons with a UNC Onyen can use that link whether on or off campus. However, someone without a UNC Onyen may need to delete the proxy server segment of the URL in order for the link to go to the article (at least the abstract) rather than the login screen.

For example, here is the URL for the table of contents for the 3/6/2015 issue of Science magazine:

The URL without the proxy server component is:

Either URL can be used to access the table of contents, but with the former URL plus Onyen or AHEC authentication, the user can simply click full-text links and access the article. The latter URL provides access to the table of contents to anyone, but full-text articles may or may not be available.

Technical information

When folder names are created in Sakai, they apparently cannot later be changed. Some of the original folder names were very long, so these folders are gradually being replaced by transferring their contents to new folders created with short names (and then lengthened). For Vic's reference, here are the path lengths for the folders existing on 3/13/2018:

https://sakai.unc.edu/access/content/user/vschoenb/Public%20Library/Big%20public%20health%20concerns/ - 101

https://sakai.unc.edu/access/content/user/vschoenb/Public%20Library/Case%20examples/ - 84

https://sakai.unc.edu/access/content/user/vschoenb/Public%20Library/Decision-making/ - 84

https://sakai.unc.edu/access/content/user/vschoenb/Public%20Library/Demography%2C%20economics%2C%20geography/ - 109

https://sakai.unc.edu/access/content/user/vschoenb/Public%20Library/General%20epidemiology/ - 90

https://sakai.unc.edu/access/content/user/vschoenb/Public%20Library/Organizations%20and%20organizational%20behavior/ - 116

https://sakai.unc.edu/access/content/user/vschoenb/Public%20Library/People/ - 75

https://sakai.unc.edu/access/content/user/vschoenb/Public%20Library/Transcendental%20Meditation%20and%20the%20David%20Lynch%20Foundation/ - 137