(from the anonymous end-of-semester SPH course evaluation for spring 2015)

What advice do you give to future students in this course?

“Be willing to engage in discussions, speak up, and ask questions!”

“… This course is very self-directed, with an online "library of resources" instead of assigned readings and mostly unstructured class-discussion. While I enjoyed this, if you are looking for structure, clear expectations, and a rigid classroom environment, this course is not for you. …

“Have an open mind and be ready to contribute to the class discussion. If you are shy or timid it will be a little overwhelming.”

“I would advise students to use this course to explore social justice issues they feel strongly about. Since not everything can be covered, the projects and presentations offer a great opportunity to dig deeper about a subject that a student may want to explore and learn more about while getting helpful feedback from Vic and Bill along the way.”

“This is a great class where you can come prepared to discuss and debate opinions with other students.”